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student wellbeing

Sale Specialist School respects the rights of the individual; all students have the right to feel safe, be treated with respect and to be given every opportunity to work and play.

Student Wellbeing Officer

Our wellbeing officer works with staff to identify issues and provide support as required.

This can include individual support for identified students within the school or with external agencies, working on a particular topics in classrooms with groups of students such as bullying or personal safety/ social skills, providing information for families and making links to provide them with knowledge and resources to support theirs child's needs.

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Our School Values

Sale Specialist School Community values respect, acceptance, teamwork, commitment, support, communication and integrity.

In practise these values are demonstrated through:



School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support, known as PBS, provides a framework that helps schools to plan and implement practices across the whole school, to improve educational and behaviour outcomes for all students.

Click here to open a document about how the SWPBS program operates.

The framework is founded on a positive approach to whole school wellbeing with targeted approaches for students with higher levels of need. PBS enables schools to work towards:

Rather than just punishing misbehaviour students are explicitly taught how to behave. At Sale Specialist School the PBS framework is supported with a rewards system, use of restorative behaviour practices and a code of expected behaviour. Individual classes expand on the code of expected behaviour to suits the needs of their students but the three common values remains consistent:

Show Respect
Act Safely
Act Responsibly

Download the Code of Expected Behaviours table