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reporting to parents

Effective communication between teachers and parents is an essential element of the school. 

Regular contact is made through notices, school bulletins, newsletters and communication books.

School Bulletin

The school Bulletin is produced fortnightly. Parents are encouraged to receive the bulletin via email. This ensures prompt delivery as well reducing our paper usage.


Student Reporting & Student Support Group Meetings

Individual student reports are written mid year and at the end of the year. Parents have the opportunity to participate in a Student Support Group (SSG) meeting four times a year.

SSG's for the purpose of parent teacher reporting are held at the end of second and fourth terms.
An SSG for the purpose of reviewing goals within the students Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is held at the end of term one. There is a further opportunity for an SSG at the end of term three.

A parent may arrange an interview to discuss their child's progress at other times throughout the year. Parents are asked to contact their child's classroom teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. Please note in order to reduce interruption to classes all SSGs are held before 9.00 am or after 3.00 pm.

Please contact the school on 03 5244 5644 or email us at


Communication Books

Each student has a communication book/ diary for use between home and school. Parents and teachers are encouraged to use the book to exchange information about the child and given a brief idea of what they have participate in throughout the school day or over weekends/holidays.

Parents commonly use the book to notify the school of transport changes, changes of routine or minor medical issues. This enables the family and the school to work together in the best interests of the child.