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general curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum for students with an intellectual disability between the ages of 4.8 years and 18 years who live in the Wellington Shire.

Sale Specialist School provides a curriculum to enhance the development of self-esteem, academic skills, use of technology, independent living skills, enhanced communication, physical and social development,  social skills and behaviour management.

Many of our students have associated disabilities including physical disabilities, sensory impairments and autism spectrum disorder.

The curriculum at Sale Specialist School follows Working Towards Level 1-VELS and the Hume Region Special Schools Curriculum.


The school operates across :

Early years - ages 5 to 12
Middle Years-  ages 12 to 15
Later years - ages  16 to 18 – working towards Transition or VCAL


Early and Middle Years

Individual Learning Plans are developed in consultation with parents/ carers and allied professionals across three learning strands below:

Discipline Based Learning Interdisciplinary Learning Physical, Personal & Social Learning
The Arts
Design, Creativity
And Technology
Design, Thinking Processes

Health and Physical Education
Interpersonal learning
Personal Learning
Civics and citizenship


Later Years:

A transition curriculum incorporating:

Is offered according to students individual needs.

Each student 16 years or older will have a Career Action Plan (formerly Managed Individual Pathway plan).

Some students will study all VCAL, VCE units, some will work towards individual transition goals while others will study a mixture of VCAL, VCE and transition,  all within the same strands and domains.

Discipline Based Learning Interdisciplinary Learning Physical, Personal & Social Learning

Independent Living Skills

Literacy Skills
Numeracy Skills

Health and Physical Education
Recreation and Leisure
Personal Development Skills
Work Related Skills

VCE Units (offered alternate years)

Food and Technology Units 1 and 2
Outdoor and Environmental Studies Units 1 and 2


Enrichment programs are offered across all level of  the school and include:

Communication , independence and social skills along with academic skills are a focus throughout the school.